Recovery Method’s for Better Life

13 04 2011

Never look at the past because it makes your future not worth anything, try to move on as you go. Try to keep the emotions in control whenever you see something that makes your future meaningless. Keep the problems into minimum quality and forget them as you move on with your life. Better chance like this makes you happier and stronger and makes dreams come true faster. Doing this makes you work harder and smarter and you will achieve faster to what you are working hard for.



15 08 2010

‎”Spirit to achieve something great is more important than fear of losing something great..
Feelings of fear which has created without our conscious is greater than take risks to become the greatest..
Life is choice and Logic will help us out of this fear..”

Welcome / Selamat Datang

8 01 2009

It's Me

This Blog is media to write my journey, my experience, my love, my knowledge, my social life..
I dedicate to people who I love; my mother, and people who close to my heart..